Exclusive: 2013 Bible Review – Scott Gambler 10

Price: $6,200
Weight: 39.8 pounds
By Seb Kemp

The Scott Gambler 10 is slack. Too slack, perhaps, for some riders. When you are talking about the ability to adjust the head angle from 63 to 62 degrees, you know you're in Slackland. To not just enjoy, but to actually handle a bike like this, you have to commit to such geometry. Less experienced riders might struggle with such angles, but then again, the Gambler wasn't really designed for inexperienced riders.

The Gambler had a playful nature, popped off lips well and simply frolicked in the roughest parts of the trail. The bottom-bracket height is adjustable from 13.6 inches to 14 inches, which in combination with the low center of gravity and short rear end gave it a fun feel. The remarkably stiff frame and tight rear end make it possible to commit to the terrain and get more traction.

Our testers loved the bike's adjustability and the linkage's all-bump sensitivity. Some of our testers felt that it was only once you got up to speed on 'big-boy' terrain that you could fully realize the Scott Gambler's true character, but I found it to be an immensely playful and fun bike long before you reached higher speeds. Its strength, stiffness and character would make it as much a park bike as a racing monster.

The Gambler 10 comes shod with the Shimano Zee groupset, which performed so well it left us questioning the benefits of the more expensive Saint group. The Scott also came with appropriately wide Funn bars, and testers found the Fox 40 to be a perfect fit for the bike.

At just under 40 pounds, the bike felt heavy in our hands by modern DH race-bike standards, but seemed much lighter underfoot.

Though the Scott Gambler wasn't every tester's favorite bike in the gravity category, some of us absolutely loved it. It's a big bike designed for red-blooded, white-knuckle action and smiles—provided, of course, that you're ready and able to push the envelope

Want to know more about the Scott Gambler 10? For more info, go to www.scott-sports.com