Exclusive: 2013 Bible Review – Ibis Mojo HD

There's a reason this bike snagged a couple of "Editors' Picks" selections

Ibis Mojo HD
Price: $6,090
Weight: 27.9 pounds
By Vernon Felton

No, this is not a new-for-2013 bike—that'd be the Ripley 29er and, like everyone else, we're still waiting to get one. Ibis’ Mojo HD, however, is no arthritic T-Rex. The Mojo HD has received a few key upgrades since we first tested it two years ago and continues to hold its own in the light-yet- brawny superbike category.

The Mojo HD always climbed like a goat, and the Dave Weagle-designed suspension still excels on technical ascents. As one tester put it, "With every pedal stroke it feels like the rear tire is being pulled into the ground, giving you insane traction."

Our riders, however, noted a significant change from the first generation Mojo HD. The old bike was efficient. This one is efficient and plush. Small trail chatter simply disappears beneath the bike.

Did Ibis change the shock tune on the Mojo HD since our last test? Nope, though Ibis' Scot Nicol theorizes that the improvement might boil down to the new Boost Valve-equipped Fox CTD rear shock.

Regardless, it's a change for the better. Only 6.5 pounds with shock, the carbon frame now also bears a 142×12 rear through-axle—the original model did not—and although the bike does not have ISCG mounts, which would interfere with the lower DW link, you can install Ibis' custom MRP G2 SL, single-ring-with-a-bash guide.

While the Ibis wasn't as absolutely fearless on the descents as the most gravity-oriented bike in the pack—the Kona Process DL—it proved more
than capable. "It didn't feel outgunned anywhere. It's a happy medium," said another tester.

And consider this: We had a lightweight Fox 34 bolted on this bike. You can actually slap a 180-millimeter fork on this bike if that's your flavor of rad. If gravity games aren't your cup of tea, you can go the other direction and convert the Mojo HD into a burly, 140-millimeter trail bike by installing the shorter-stroke rear shock found on the Mojo SLR. This bike is crazy versatile.

As for the video…. Yeah, some weirdness clearly ensues in this clip.

Here’s the deal: you do about 20 of these videos in a straight-forward fashion and you get bored. What’s more, you think that everyone out there in Internet-land is going to grow bored as well. So you decide to experiment a little–spice things up a bit…

Which is why we are wearing bad sports coats and impersonating several news anchor archetypes: the Crusty Andy Rooney type, the Blustering Token British Correspondent, the Flamboyant Theater Arts Critic…

Really, it made sense at the time.

Looking for more information on the Ibis Mojo HD? Go to ibiscycles.com