Exclusive: 2013 Bible Review – Devinci Wilson Carbon SL

A look at Devinci's carbon downhill-racing thoroughbred

Devinci Wilson Carbon SL
Price: $6,700
Weight: 36.5 pounds

Take one look at the Devinci Wilson Carbon SL and it is plain to see that this bike is simply about covering ground at high speeds. With 216 millimeters of confidence-inspiring travel and a bottomless feel provided by the rearward axle path and pro- gressive spring rate, we were happy to try our damnedest to get the bike up to speed.

The Wilson Carbon SL has an interesting mix of soft, ground-hugging suspension that tracks well in turns and shrugs off square-edged hits, and a stiff, lightweight frame. This seemed to allow the bike to carry speed and maintain greater stability on the trail than some other bikes in this category, all while retaining an almost acrobatic feel.

The frame was designed to have a low center of gravity, putting as much weight as possible down south—therefore making it very responsive to rider input and a hell of a lot of fun to ride fast. We ran the bike in its lower-slung setting, which equates to a bottom-bracket height of 13.9 inches. This, combined with the traction-inducing suspension, gave the Wilson Carbon SL a thoroughbred racer quality.

Devinci's Wilson Carbon SL boasts some beautiful details, like the guard for the carbon downtube, the custom mud protector on the seatstay and the cable guides. This made us wonder why our test bike came without chainstay protectors—a fact that drove one tester to distraction, rattled by the consistent clapping of the chain on the alumi- num chainstay. We've been assured, however, that retail versions will come with a neoprene seatstay and chainstay protectors.

As one would expect of a bike with this price tag, the components are top-notch. Among the highlights are the Easton wheels, a sturdy Truvativ bar and stem, and the air-tunable RockShox Boxxer World Cup fork.
If you and speed love to tango, then the Wilson Carbon SL should be on your list of potential dance partners—unless, of course, you're looking to slow dance.

For more information on the Devinci Wilson Carbon SL, go to www.devinci.com