Down The Pipe Helmet Cameras

A look at some confirmed and rumored upcoming POV camera technologies.

Contour and GoPro cameras have been leading the charge in small POV camera technology. Here’s a look at what’s to come from these two companies in the near future.

Contour HD

The big news for Contour is that, in addition to GPS tracking, the Contour GPS camera will sync video wirelessly via bluetooth to smart phones (Droid and Apple iPhone/iTouch). It allows users to see what the camera sees and change its settings right on the fly. It will not offer video playback, but that’s something that could be a possibility in the future. The Bluetooth feature is already built in to the GPS cameras (already on the market), and Contour is just waiting for app approval from Apple.

GoPro: covered the GoPro 3D casing a few days before the new year hit (, but here are some better images:

To go 3D all you’ll need is this new casing, two of the company’s top-end cameras and GoPro’s software. The 3D HERO System includes a dual camera housing that holds the two cameras together, a synchronization cable the electronically "locks" the two cameras together, mounting hardware to attach the 3D HERO System to cars, motorcycles and helmets ($99 msrp).

In addition to going 3D, GoPro has a few other tricks up its sleeves that utilize the expansion slots in its cameras. Those being a “Battery BacPac” ($39 msrp) which will add battery life to the camera, and perhaps more impressively a “LCD BacPak” ($69 msrp), which will allow users to change setting and includes a speaker for playback as well.