Contour’s next generation POV camera, the Contour+, has officially been launched.

Here are the new features:

– A wider 170-degree field of view (compared to the ContourGPS’s 135-degree field of view)

– Live video streaming via HDMI and external transmitter. This will allow for live, realtime video coverage of events.

– External 2.5-millimeter microphone jack for better sound quality. Especially useful for interviews.

– Six-element glass lens. We’re assuming it’s better.

– Same video resolutions.

– Same GPS features.

– Same Bluetooth functionality.

– No more Lasers. Resistance is not futile…you will not be assimilated–can’t pretend to be of the Borg any more. Also, can’t give your friends laser-point nipples. Really though, the lasers weren’t all that necessary.

– MSRP of $500–about $150 more expensive than the ContourGPS.

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