Who really knows what ‘trail’ means? I sure don’t. I know it’s the stretch of dirt in front of my bike, but my ‘trail’ bike doesn’t look or ride anything like the next guy’s. It’s the catch-all category for anything that isn’t set-in-stone DH or XC. Enduro is still floating around, as is all-mountain, but increasingly bikes defy categories instead of conforming. The same goes for wheels, and the Reynolds’ new TR S fits right in … meaning it doesn’t fit in.

At $1,550, the new TR S wheels might not seem like a budget buy, but compared to the Reynolds’ high-end $2,300 Blacklabel, these look pretty appealing. The carbon rims are available in 27.5- and 29-inch sizes and fall into the do-anything lightweight ‘trail’ category. Lightweight, like 1,560 grams for the 27.5-inch set light. The 29ers weigh in at 1,635 grams. The inner rim width is 30 millimeters with a hookless profile. The wheels also join the growing category of asymmetric construction for even spoke tension. Speaking of spokes, these wheels have 28 front and rear. The hubs are Reynolds’ CNC machined TR6 Mountain Hubs with six pawls and five degrees of engagement. If personalization is your thing the wheels are available in custom color options.

Reynolds also makes sure to back up its product. The TR S wheels have a 30-day customer satisfaction guarantee and a lifetime warranty if you decide to keep them after the initial 30 days.

We currently have a tester riding these, so look for a review coming soon.


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