This isn’t the first time we have seen the Vault hub. It has been on the Turbine R and Next R wheels since its release last year. That Vault hub used straight-pull spokes and was only available if you bought the whole wheel. Which meant that if you wanted to build a custom wheel with the Vault as its center piece, you were kind of out of luck. No longer though.

Race Face has taken the Vault platform, made it work with J-Bend spokes, and it is now available as a standalone product. And they kept everything people loved about the original Vault. The oversized shell makes for a laterally stiff hub. Take a peak inside and you will find a 60-tooth drive ring and six pawls for three degrees of engagement. Looking inside isn’t hard either, since the end caps and cassette bodies can be removed without tools.

The lightest configuration of Vault J-Bend hubs weigh 177 grams in the front and 305 grams in the rear. They are available in almost any configuration you can think off and the front hub retails for $175 while the rear goes for $325.

Photo by Jessica Nicklen

Just to make sure the new Vaults hold up to hard riding, Race Face and Dave McInnes of The Bicycle Hub built a set of wheels for Wade Simmons to bash around on. Check out the video to see how they fared.