Ibis Introduces S-Wheels and Rims

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Ibis has been an unexpectedly successful player in the carbon rim game. Their series of wide, low-profile hoops were ahead of their time when they first hit the scene. And in some ways, they still are. So, maybe we shouldn’t have been surprised when we learned that the folks at Ibis haven’t been resting on their laurels (or their yannys) all this time. Instead, they found a way to pack some extra strength, more vertical compliance, better tire feel, stronger tire retention and easier installation into the newly introduced S-Wheels and S-Rims.

S-Wheels S-Rims
Photo Credit: Ibis Cycles

The standout feature of the S-Rims are their lower beadwalls. That gives tires more room to wrap around the terrain and indirectly leads to a lower likelihood of rim damage. Plus, the beadwalls themselves use a unique blend of carbon and resin that allows them to absorb in an impact rather than break. Beneath those lower bead walls, Ibis licensed Stan’s Bead Seat Technology (BST), which offers both easier installation and a firmer grip on the tire. Ibis is sticking with its asymmetric rim profile, and offers the S-Wheels in 28- and 35-millimeter widths and in 27.5- and 29-inch sizes.

On their own, the new rims go for $500 or are available pre-built with either Industry Nine Hydra hubs for $1,800 or Ibis’ own Logo hubs for $1300. Each is also available as an upgrade on complete Ibis bikes for $1,300 or $900 respectively.


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