TRP must have some serious chutzpah. I mean, since making its first disc brake in 1999, Tektro and its performance line TRP, short for Tektro Racing Products, has become a (braking) force to be reckoned with. TRP’s mountain bike brakes have garnered quite a bit of attention in recent years and have proven to be a viable competitor to the two big-asses. Sorry, I meant to say “big-S’s”. I have trouble enunciating sometimes. 

That’s a huge accomplishment, and the brand’s success here is at least part of its motivation for getting into the drivetrain business. But the brake game, despite the fact that together SRAM and Shimano own a huge portion of the market, has a lower barrier to entry. At least there are other brands playing in the brake pool. When it comes to derailleurs and shifters, it’s more of a soaking tub. And if the natural difficulty of trying to enter a two-brand monopoly wasn’t challenging enough, between the two of them, SRAM and Shimano own a gazillion patents on shifting—makes me wonder how much Tektro has spent on patent lawyers. Also, drivetrains are a lot more complex. There’s more going on. So you see, chutzpah.

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