We knew the RockShox Zeb was coming. It was inevitable. RockShox wasn’t about to let Fox corner the market on this new generation of ultra-capable single-crown enduro forks, especially considering the company’s history with this category. The Totem was a legendary single-crown beast, sporting massive 40-millimeter stanchions and up to 180 millimeters of travel. Fox never made anything like it, until the April 2020 release of its 38, many years after the Totem disappeared from the RockShox catalog and the word “freeride” vanished from our vernacular. 

Rumors spread about the return of the Totem, but RockShox surprised us with a new name instead. It might seem random at first, but it’s anything but. Zeb is short for Zebulon, the name of the first man to attempt climbing Pike’s Peak, the iconic 14,115-foot mountain towering out of the high plains of the American West and prominently marking to westbound travelers the gateway of the great Rocky Mountains. Zeb’s last name? Pike. Hence the name of the mountain—and of course the now-iconic RockShox fork. Pike’s Peak also happens to have an almost 8,000-foot descent perfectly suited for a fork like the RockShox Zeb, and it’s conveniently situated right behind the brand’s Colorado Springs headquarters.

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