The high-tech Colorado-made Push Elevensix rear shock lineup just expanded (quite literally) to accommodate frames built for trunnion-mount shocks, and its really kind of a perfect match. Trunnion mounts allow longer-stroke shocks to fit in smaller spaces, offering a lower leverage ratio which leads to a more supple, bottomless feel. And that just happens to describe the benefits of coil shocks, so win-win! The new configuration is available in a handful of frames including the Evil Calling (pictured).

And if you’re not into Push’s raw industrial look, maybe you’d be into some black metal instead. So Push is now offering the Elevensix shock in a black anodized finish in both their traditional setup and the new trunnion-mount. And because they’re an open-door, mom-and-pop sort of establishment, Push may be able to give your existing raw Elevensix the same treatment if you can be without it for long enough for them to take it for a dip.

They also broadened their support for the front of your bike. Their ACS3 fork spring upgrade is a hybrid of air and coil, previously only available for the Fox 36 fork. The innovative concept offers the adjustable bottom-out resistance of an air spring, but with the supple top-end of a coil. Check out our summary of the concept here. The new ACS3 is available for the Pike, Yari, and Lyric forks and comes in seven spring rates and in a variety of travel ranges.