Among the many factors that slowed the 29-inch wheel’s arrival on the downhill scene, a lack of adequate fork choices was literally the frontmost among them. The upside-down and crownless Manitou Dorado is a compelling fork, but it’s a little unorthodox. For the orthodox, the Fox 40 was the only choice, until now.

The new RockShox Boxxer forks will be offered to fit both 27.5- and 29-inch wheels. And both have been given refined, flatter upper and lower crowns to keep the bars lower and put the business up front, regardless of the party you’ve got raging out back.  The still-35-millimeter stanchions and lowers also got some updates. But those updates, it appears, were not to save weight, given that the 2019 Boxxer tips the scales exactly as far as its predecessor.

Inside both sides of those uppers and lowers are some more significant differences. For one, the Boxxer follows the Lyric and Sid in benefiting from SRAM’s updated DebonAir spring. Next, it adopts the new Charger RC2 damper, with independant high- and low-speed compression for the first time on a Boxxer. The new guts aren’t backwards compatible to pre-2019 Boxxer models, and likely will never be given the updated chassis. The Boxxer Team was dropped from the lineup, leaving only the top-end World Cup model and the more affordable RC version. Also dropped was the 26-inch version.