Now that oval rings got signed by a major label, I bet you’ll hear riders brag that they were into them back before they got popular. Some will say the new stuff just isn’t as good, others will debate who came up with it first. Still others will say they were there when oval rings played their first show at CBGB.

Given the Eagle’s wide range cassette, 32 teeth is as small as Sram felt they needed to go.

There are plenty of small brands out there offering 11 speed oval rings. But as Eagle technology trickles down, more and more 12-speed users are going to start looking to jump on board. So SRAM has released 32, 34, 36, and 38 tooth Oval rings, optomized for Eagle drivetrains and featuring X-Sync 2 design.

This is the only oval ring with the quieter, longer-lasting X-Sync 2 teeth.

The refined tooth shape of X-Sync 2 is designed to minimize noise and fatigue. So even if you can squeeze an 11-speed oval ring into your 12-speed chain, you’d be better off going with the real thing. The rings are available in both Boost and non-Boost offsets (3 and 6 millimeters) and will go for $120.


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