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SDG Releases the Tellis Dropper Post

SDG gives its saddles something to sit on.

Speed Defies Gravity, or SDG, has been around for 25 years of building saddles. But a saddle is only as good as the post it is attached to, right? Not really, but the post does matter, especially if it’s a dropper post. So SDG figured, why not make the post too? Enter the Tellis, SDG’s very own dropper post.

SDG started development on the Tellis two years ago and ended up sending 120 posts to athletes, testers and product managers for feedback. The testing resulted in a final product with a fully sealed cartridge system, a 3D forged head and a robust keyway system. The post is cable actuated, pinches at the remote (thankfully) and comes with a two-year warranty—although after torture-testing it in many different, less-than-ideal conditions, SDG doesn’t think you’ll need the warranty. If, after the warranty has expired and something catastrophic happens, replacement cartridges are available for $45. Boom, your post is back.

The Tellis is available now for $270, which includes an under-bar lever, cable and housing. It comes in 125 millimeter and 150 millimeter drops with internal routing only. It’s available in 30.9 or 31.6-millimeter diameters.

Find more information and service videos here.

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