Pro is a Shimano brand that focuses on everything from saddles to bags to droppers. Koryak is Pro’s line of high-end droppers, and it just grew by four (really three, with the 150-millimeter offered in two models). Travel starts at 70 millimeters, grows to 150 millimeters and finishes at 170 millimeters. Why the big range? Pro wanted to make sure it covered everything from gravel to enduro riders. You might be wondering why they opted for such a big jump between 70 and 150 millimeters. Well, the original Koryak dropper was 120 millimeters, which will still be available. All bases covered.

The 150-millimeter externally routed option.

The Koryak 170 will be available as internal routing only, it will have 30.9- or 31.6-millimeter diameters and uses a single-bolt saddle clamp for simple saddle adjustments.

The 150 will be available as either internal or external routing, have a 30.9 or 31.6-millimeter diameter and also uses the single-bolt saddle clamp.

The 70-millimeter post is external cable routing only and is 27.2-millimeters in diameter.

A closer look at the single-bolt clamp.

All new posts will be available in October.

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