This has been a big week for XC. First the Orbea Oiz, then the Canyon Lux, and now—an update to the KS Lev. Specifically, this is an update to the cartridge and will benefit the 27.2-millimeter Lev-Ci, Lev Integra and Lev. There are four main updates to the smaller-diameter posts, most of which have trickled down from its larger diameter brethren.

User-Tunable Air Spring and Larger Air Chamber

Like the larger diameter droppers, 27.2-millimeter Lev posts will now have a tunable air spring. There is an accessible valve under the head clamp that can be used to adjust pressure with a standard shock pump. And like a shock, the pressure will change how much force is needed to compress the post, while also changing how fast it rebounds.

To help with a consistent and smooth drop, the new cartridge also has a much larger air spring. A larger air spring equals a lower operating pressure. KS claims this reduces friction and results in a more linear and predictable return for the post.

Single Piece Forged Body and Head

The stanchions on the new droppers are now one with the lower head-cradle. The two have been forged together in the name of strength, while allowing travel options to go up to 120 millimeters of drop.

Zero Load Piston Valve

The valve at the bottom of the smaller-diameter droppers has been updated to reflect its larger counterparts. It keeps the remote actuation consistent, light and unaffected by the rider’s weight on the saddle.

Lev series 27.2-millimeter droppers are available in 65-, 100- or 120-millimeter drops—yep, XC-specific, quite exciting.