The Transfer replaces Fox’s foray into dropper posts—the three-position D.O.S.S.—with a less-expensive, better-designed and longer-travel model. Although the D.O.S.S. performed well and incorporated a clever, if clunky, dual-paddle lever, the Transfer is a modernized take on the must-have component, with revamped hydraulic internals and a more ergonomic lever.

Its infinite adjustability eliminates confusion in finding pre-determined positions, and it's now available in a 150-millimeter drop. The 30.9- or 31.6-millimeter-diameter post comes in the Performance Series (as tested) or Factory Series—at an upcharge of $50 for the Kashima treatment—and can be routed internally or externally. Fox offers two cable-actuated levers: below-the-bar or on-the-bar.

The crux of the Transfer is its new internals, which hinge around what Fox calls the 'Spool Valve,' a system that integrates a large-diameter piston to lessen the force required at the lever and a pressure relief valve that blocks oil from moving through the flow ports when it's closed and allows it to flow in either direction when open. The valve opens when the pressure above the piston is greater than below the piston. The design is meant to eliminate pressure variances for consistent actuation, regardless of factors like cold temperatures or extreme elevation changes.

Over several months of use, the Transfer has lived up to that design goal, particularly during six full days in the Italian Alps, where the elevation on a typical ride varied by several thousands of feet and the time on the trail ranged from six to eight hours. It is consistently smooth and quick on the drop and return, without any sticking, and the post stays put after incremental travel adjustments.

The Transfer may not have some of the latest technology showing up on fancier (and more expensive) posts but its price, reliability and durability should make it a frontrunner for buyers.

$264 (lever $65) /


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