What came before the Egg… beater? Long before Crank Brothers kept it simple with the Egg Beater, Time introduced the ATAC line. While early Shimano pedals were heavy, complicated mud traps, Time came up with the first mountain pedal to hook your cleat directly into the spring itself. The ATACs worked well and lasted a long time. Well enough and long enough that Time hasn’t needed to introduce a new pedal for quite a while. That ends with the release of the Speciale 12.

The Speciale 12 comes in gray, blue, or red, and fans of traditional pedals will welcome the fine-adjustable spring tension.

The Speciale 12 features a thinner profile and a longer body than the ATACs. They spin on hollow chromoly spindles, and a pair weighs in at 404 grams. Like many french-made imports, Time pedals come at a premium. These babies will cost you $350, and will be available this fall. In addition to the new shape, the Speciale 12s use a more traditional spring tension adjustment that you can fine tune to your liking, or as the springs wear over … time.