A long time ago Kona released the Wah Wah, a machined-aluminum flat pedal that was neither thin nor light, but it was grippy. The Wah Wah II PP (plastic pedal) attempts to fix these problems without compromising grip. And it cuts the price from $90 to $50. Made from a glass-fiber reinforced, nylon composite, the new pedal joins a growing market of plastic pedals that are built to last. The new material brings a pair of pedals down to 360 grams. The Wah Wah II PP is 13-millimeters thin and the leading edge tapers to a point to help avoid pedal strikes. With 14 replaceable pins and a completely serviceable bearing system, the Wah Wah II PPs are designed so that you’ll hold on to them for as long as they’ll hold on to you.

The Wah Wah II is available now in six colors.