Normally, when a new line of cross country components comes out, the whole affair is rather stiff and proper. Even the verbiage in the press releases feel like it’s dressed in spandex and free of fat, counting characters so its weight on race day is just so. But, as it turns out, not all riders who partake in the most pedally of mountain bike disciplines are as hardcore as their stereotype makes them out to be. Maybe their race-day morning routine consists of bacon and waffles instead of, well, whatever you’re supposed to eat on race day. Maybe they would rather boost a side hit for the fans than save that little bit of energy for the monster climb coming, or maybe their track-side hydration is Monster (possibly a true story). Maybe these riders just race XC for the hell of it, and spend some of their “training rides” hitting jump lines or lapping tech trails. It is for those riders that Hayes revamped their line of XC componentry—lightweight bits that can hold their own on the racecourse, but just as well on an everyday ride outside the tape.





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