Time keeps on slipping into the future. I want to fly like an eagle, to where it’s loamy. I want to fly like an eagle, let my bike carry me. I want to fly like an eagle, but ain’t got no money. I want to fii-iind a solution …

Thank you—the recorded version is coming soon. Of course, the song doesn’t need singing anymore, because a solution has been found: SRAM’s NX Eagle drivetrain. NX houses SRAM’s budget drivetrain parts. Eagle is SRAM’s game-changing 12-speed drivetrain. Put the two together and you’ve got an affordable Eagle setup, ready to help you fly. If you don’t care about the details and just want the prices, skip to the bottom.

Let’s start with the big news. The cassette doesn’t need an XD driver. It will work on an eight, nine or 10-speed splined freehubs. So the entrance cost doesn’t need to include a new wheel. The PG-1230 cassette has an 11- to 50-tooth range and is made completely of steel—eight lightweight steel cogs and four heavy duty ones. That means it isn’t light—it’s 615 grams—but it also means it’s exceptionally durable. SRAM says it’s the only Eagle cassette durable enough to withstand the use and abuse of an electric mountain bike.

The NX crankset is designed for SRAM’s X-SYNC 2 chainrings, and it will interface with the company’s new DUB bottom-bracket standard. The cranks are 6,000 series aluminum and will be available in 165, 170 and 175 millimeters.

The rear derailleur is where the magic happens. SRAM has taken its X-Horizon design and paired it with a 14-tooth lower pulley to service 11- to 50- tooth, or 10- to 50-tooth cassettes. To move that derailleur is the NX shifter, which is compatible with Matchmaker.

That’s all probably stuff that could have gone without saying. The real draw of the NX drivetrain is the pricing. The pricing is attractive. Here it is, with weights included.

NX Trigger Shifter: $42, 112 grams

NX Rear Derailleur: $107, 339 grams

NX PG-1230 Cassette: $100, 615 grams

NX DUB Cranks: $105, 705 grams (175 millimeters, 32-tooth ring)

NX Chain: $26, 278 grams (126 links)

And—drumroll please—the entire groupset will be available for $375. All items will be on sale in September of 2018.