When Shimano finally came to the table with a proper wide-range single-ring drivetrain, its 10-51 tooth cassette seemed like a cheeky one-upper move in reaction to SRAM’s 50-tooth Eagle system. The company’s drivetrain engineers claim legit engineery reasons for 51 teeth, but it’s still fun to think it spawned in a marketing meeting. It reminded me of the classic The Onion article entitled, “Fuck Everything, We’re doing Five Blades,still my all-time favorite piece from the satirical media outlet. The article, ‘authored’ by Gillette’s CEO, references the ridiculous and absurd one-upping that was taking place in the razor biz. Read it, it’s hilarious. Much more so than what you’re currently reading. But don’t click away just yet, because there’s a hilarious new development in the drivetrain hustle: SRAM just went to 52 teeth. 


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