Fatter bars and stems have been around for a while, slowly gaining traction in the mountain bike market outside of the downhill world. Truvativ, an arm of the SRAM family, has decided to join the fray.

Available January 2018, the stem will retail for $65.

The new Descendant stem is a traditional (aka non-direct-mount) stem with a 35-millimeter clamp. The stem, made from 7075 alloy, will be available in 40-, 50- and 60-millimeter options, ranging from 126 to 146 grams. Truvativ suggests pairing the stem with its carbon or aluminum 35-millimeter bars.

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To make the pairing of the bar and stem more enticing, Truvativ has also individually collaborated (or CoLab-ed) with Troy Lee Designs, Jerome Clementz and Kyle Strait to make new versions of their Descendant bar. The collaboration with Troy Lee has resulted in, as you can probably guess, some very colorful options. Troy Lee’s carbon Descendant CoLab is a 20-millimeter rise with options of 760- or 800-millimeters wide. With a sweep of five degrees up and nine degrees back, along with a 35-millimeter clamp diameter, the bar weighs in at 192 to 200 grams.

There is a sticker pack to go with each bar color.

If aluminum is your bar material of choice, the Troy Lee collab is five degrees up, nine degrees back with a 25-millimeter rise. Also available in 760- or 800-millimeter widths, the bar tips the scales at 300 to 310 grams. Both carbon and aluminum options can be paired with a sticker pack for your suspension to bring your matching game up another level.

Jerome Clementz gets the carbon bar, selling for $170.

For the Jerome Clementz bar, Truvativ kept all the same specs as the Troy Lee carbon bar, only with a single width of 760 millimeters.

Kyle Strait’s aluminum bar could be yours for $80.

The Kyle Strait bar went the other direction with the same rise and sweep as the aluminum bars, but an 808 millimeter width, weighing 320 grams.