Everyone who’s made the switch to 1x has had to choose a front ring size. Just one front ring size. Unless, of course, they feel like pulling four bolts and possibly the drive side crank to install the ring that best serves that day's chosen trail network.

For those with better things to do with their time, Squamish-based OneUp components came up with the Switch chainring system, one of their many tools designed to hack into your drivetrain.

oneup switch system

When mounted to the spider, Switch rings look and work like any other 4-bolt ring.

Just loosen the bolts, clock the chainring, and it’s free to be swapped with one that suits your mood. The fit is snug and satisfying, and your pedaling torque pulls the four bolt "holes" deeper into their seats, so it’s more secure than it looks.

Name a direct-mount ring interface and an offset, OneUp probably has a spider for it.

The spiders are available for direct mount Sram, E13, Race Face, Cannondale, and Hope cranks and are offered in multiple offsets for each. The spider and ring combo starts at $63, and the replacement rings go for $40. Rings are offered in 28 thru 36 tooth sizes and come in either round or oval.


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