Cane Creek’s Double Barrel Air has created a bit of a stir, and is finally set to be released in January 2012, with a price comparable to its coil-equipped kin. While that may entail a bit of a premium when compared to others on the market, the Double Barrel provides accordingly. Between both low- and high-speed compression/rebound adjustment, air pressure and air can volume tuning, there’s no shortage of options produce the perfect ride. The air version will weigh in at 530 grams for the 8.5-inch by 2.5-inch version, and will go up or down depending on stroke size.

The air can is able to rotate to accommodate different frame designs, while maintaining the adjustability of a piggyback reservoir—nice.

The DBAir maintains a similar appearance to that of it’s coil-packing cousin.

Pictured here on a Knolly Chilcotin, the DBAir isn’t intended as a lightweight alternative to the Coil, but rather as an option for long-travel, all-mountain bikes.