Bike Mag’s 12 Days of Christmas Gift Guide

Day 7: Feedback Sports Pro-Elite Work Stand

By Vernon Felton

Feedback Sports Pro-Elite


There's a reason you see Feedback Sports' red-anodized beauty holding bikes at races all over the world—the Pro-Elite is damn good. Simple as that. I've been using mine almost daily for four years now and I'm still impressed by just how well it does its job.

For starters, the Pro Elite is incredibly stable, which is all the more impressive when you consider that it quickly folds down into a tidy, lightweight bundle. The Pro Elite is capable of securely holding an 85-pound load aloft, which is a ridiculous amount of weight. Nice.

The Pro Elite folds down in seconds and is compact enough to actually bring along on road trips (Feedback also sells a tote bag for the stand). Despite its lack of heft, the Pro Elite takes a hell of a beating. I can only describe my handling of the stand as "abusive" and yet it keeps taking the punishment on the chin with no loss in performance.

I've clamped countless bikes in this stand. Despite that fact, I'm still impressed by how fast and easy that act is, thanks to the Pro Elite's unique, quick-release clamp. The clamp jaw ratchets from wide-open to closed with a simple squeeze; a few twists of the Tri-Knob fine tunes the clamping pressure. It's simple, speedy and nearly impossible to accidentally overtighten the stand's jaws. Getting the bike out of the stand is even easier: Just push the release button and—sproing—the jaws spring open. When it comes to quickly and easily getting a bike in and out of the stand, the Pro Elite takes the cake.

The Pro Elite offers 360-degree rotation, which is nice when you're inspecting the downtube for knicks or are trying to route that stealth dropper post cable. More importantly, the bike stays put when you've got it cocked at odd angles—no slipping. You can also adjust the clamp height from anywhere between 42 inches to 71 inches—no more need spending hours hunched over while you try to untangle the mysteries of your new press-fit bottom bracket. Sweet.

In short, the Pro Elite is a hell of a stand and that's why it's on our 12 Days of Christmas list. In my book, there are really only a couple stands worth owning and this is one of `em.

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