By Vernon Felton

Breaking Bad–the Complete Series

There are so many good series on cable television today, that it’s hard to remember a time when you couldn’t just call up an episode of The Sopranos or Boardwalk Empire or Archer or…Breaking Bad. But, trust me, it wasn’t so long ago that we lived in a world that was sharply divided by some decent movies at the multiplex and a lot of crap on TV. Sure, there’s still plenty of schlock on television (Dancing With Stars, America’s Got Talent and just about every “reality” show that involves putting slow people in front of the camera so that we can mock their lack of cool/taste/intelligence/fitness/).

Still, the thoughtful TV viewer can parse the wheat from the chaff and find some amazing stuff on the small screen. I, leading the semi-Amish life that I lead, don’t have cable-TV, which means that once a year I splurge and buy a box set of something I know is good. This year, my gift to myself will be seasons 1 through 6 of Breaking Bad. Back before I swore off TV, I caught the first three or four episodes and was blown away. It’s hard to go wrong with the premise of a guy who has let himself become a pushover in life and then rallies against death in an attempt to provide for his family. Of course, things got twisted quick and good intentions certainly paved the road to hell for Walter White right quick…which only made this series a million times more interesting.

You’re probably hipper than me by a mile, and have seen countless episodes that have passed me by, so I’ll stop summarizing the initial story arc and will just say that at some point, when the snow is deep or I’ve caught the latest hanta-virus outbreak from my kids, this DVD collection and I will enter a binge-fest and it will be good. Very good.

Naturally, you can pick up DVD collections from a million sources. Amazon has the complete series on DVD HERE, starting at $167.