By Vernon Felton

G-Form Knee Pads

Mountain bikers have a long list of reasons for not wearing body armor. The first is fairly simple. “I can’t wear pads because I’m not going to get rad or anything.”

On its face it seems almost logical until you apply that same reasoning to, say, wearing a helmet. None of us waits to qualify for Red Bull Rampage before donning a lid. That’d be…well, stupid. Crashes happen. Heads crack open. Helmets do a good job of preventing that. A similar truth supports wearing armor. No one intends to go out and eat shit on their daily ride, but it happens anyway. We crash. Pads limits your trips to the emergency room. It’s that simple.

There is, however, a more compelling reason for not wearing armor–the stuff can be really uncomfortable and by “uncomfortable” I mean some of the stuff can wear a damn hole in your legs if your ride actually includes much in the way of pedaling.

Fortunately, manufacturers have made huge strides in recent years when it comes to making armor that is actually close to comfortable. You don’t have to go out there anymore looking like one of Vader’s storm troopers or feeling like someone strapped cheese graters to your knees. G-Form is just one such company who has taken the issue of comfort seriously.

The G-Form knees are fully flexible and stealthy enough to fit under a pair of jeans (if that’s your style). The Made-in-America pad features G-Form’s proprietary Reactive Protection Technology, which (like D3o) is soft and pliable 99 percent of the time…right up until the moment that something slams into it. At that point, the molecules within the pad material instantly bind together, “stiffening to absorb and redistribute the energy.” G-Form claims that the PORON®XRD™ material and proprietary G-Form materials combine to absorb more than 90 percent of the energy that’d otherwise go right into that kneecap you love so much.

The G-Form pads come in both a “look at me!” yellow finish and as a stealthier, black option. The company also makes elbows, shins, chest protectors and a pair of shorts with strategically-reinforced sections.

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