Dakine Exodus Gloves

Review: Dakine Exodus Gloves

The skinny on Dakine’s minimalist gloves

Today's mountain bikers are all about having options based on personal preferences, and gear manufacturers are listening. Take gloves: On one hand you have those interested in Mad Max-worthy knuckle and palm protection, while another large segment of riders prefers the super-thin and nearly undetectable variety. Based in the Pacific Northwest, Dakine's glove line covers a wide range of intended uses and rider preferences. For example, the brand’s Sentinel glove line features D3O impact-resistant-padding on the back of the hand and palm for maximum protection, while the Exodus lives on the opposite side of the spectrum.

Dakine Exodus Gloves

From a few feet away, a pair of Exodus gloves appears rather unassuming. The four-way-stretch nylon material making up the back of the hand and the synthetic suede Clarino palm are commonplace in today’s glove game. The palm features a one-piece seamless construction, but what separates it from many thinly palmed gloves are three, 2-millimeter-thick foam pads placed at pressure points where the hands meets the grips. Along with the subtle palm protection, Strava segment stalkers and Instabraggers will appreciate the touchscreen-compatible silicone fingertips. Not to be overlooked, the microfleece thumb can pull clean-up duty on chilly weather snot rocket residue.

Dakine Exodus Gloves

The silicon grippers at the fingertips provide bite for wrangling brake levers, but they're also touchscreen compatible to keep your selfie game strong.

As one who prefers minimalist gloves (actually, I prefer no gloves at all), I expected the foam padding to rub me the wrong way. I've experimented with a variety of versions of this style of glove construction over the years, and often the ones with obvious palm protection makes holding grips feel like I'm grabbing the center of a rolling pin, and mute handlebar feel in the process. In this case, though, the thin palm padding is only in a few high-pressure locations, and the majority of the palm is made up of a relatively thin single layer to help keep material bunching or unwanted movement at a minimum. Although I still prefer to pop wheelies au naturale, I certainly appreciated the Exodus' overall comfort and bar feel. For riders interested in a lightweight, minimalist glove with a bit more padding in the palm, the Exodus just might be the one.

MSRP: $17 – $25 based on color and size