Dainese, traditionally a motorcycle-focused brand, is expanding its mountain bike offerings for the 2018 season. A sponsor of Danny Hart and the Mondraker Downhill team, Dainese produces high-quality, comfortable protection for trail riders to world-class racers.

Dainese Scarabeo Jacket

The Scarabeo Safety Jacket will be available for $160. Elbow and knee pads will sell for $55 and the safety shorts for $75.

In 2018, the Italian company will be launching the Scarabeo line of mountain bike protection for kids. Younger riders are a growing presence in the bike scene, as are full-suspension and high-end mountain bikes geared toward kids. Offering a full kit of padded shorts, elbow pads, knee pads and a safety jacket, Dainese is taking a step into the market of little rippers. Included in all Scarabeo protection is Dainese’s Ribbo technology, a ribbon that keeps the apparel from stretching to it’s full size. Snipping the ribbon allows the product to grow up to two sizes, making it last longer for fast-growing youth.

The Ribbo Technology allows garments to grow up to two sizes.

New gear for kids is exciting for rad moms and dads, but I am neither. What I can get excited about is Dainese’s launch of an apparel line designed for all-day epics. Coined AWA or ‘All Weather Activity,’ the clothing line consists of shirts, shorts, a three-layer waterproof jacket, an insulating layer and a windproof shell that weighs the same as a Clif Bar, and packs down to about that size. The apparel is designed for active users across all outdoor disciplines.

AWA Dainese Jacket

The AWA Wind Jacket will be available for $110.

On top of the new AWA and Scarabeo lines, Dainese is also releasing a ‘Lite’ line of their successful body armor. The Lite line takes Dainese’s body armor and makes it more accessible to the beginner rider. With Velcro straps instead of sock-style pads, users can quickly strap on protection over what they are wearing without taking their shoes off. More notably, Dianese has dropped the prices substantially for the Lite product.

Trail Skins 2 Lite Dainese

Trail Skins 2 Knee Guard Lite will be $70, down from $85 for the full version.