If you’re already a die-hard bikepacker, this review may not be for you. Of course, please feel free to read on anyway because I’ll cover a lot of good stuff, but this pack is perfect for the part-timers. Riders who don’t necessarily have a dedicated adventure bike, but still want to go on adventures. In other words, riders like me. Just like the Salsa Anything Cradle I covered in April, the $160 Revelate Vole saddle bag is something that every “normal” mountain biker would do well to have hanging in their garage because it does so well on “normal” mountain bikes, meaning mountain bikes with dropper posts.

Of course, it’s not alone. Kurt Refsnider, our own die-hard bikepacker, did a deep dive into dropper posts in one of his Fully Loaded columns, including a first-look review of an early prototype of the Vole. But that was nearly three years ago, and the Vole is now all grown up. And grown-up is a pretty good word for it. Although it’s truly a purpose-built dropper-specific bag, it goes about it in a remarkably traditional, almost conservative way. There’s no complex bolt-on frame assembly and no over-the-top strap puzzles needed to mount it to your bike. In fact, it attaches essentially just like any other saddle bag, only smarter.

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