Bike frames are as varied as the imaginations of our industry’s many, many product managers. Why, then, aren’t there more options for frame bags? For the most part, they tend to come from a few small brands aimed at bikepackers and other outliers. That’s why when Evoc released the Multi Frame Pack, I felt like the fringe was finally being brought into the fray. 

The Multi Frame Pack comes in two sizes: small and medium. I spent plenty of time on both but, if I wanted to leave room for my full-sized water bottle, even some XL bikes would only fit the small inside their frames. For horizontally-mounted shocks, I could usually tuck one in the bow of my front triangle. On some vertical-mount setups, the bottle was often too far up the downtube to leave room for it. But the daisy chain of strap locations running the circumference of the pack means that where there’s a will, there’s a way. I sometimes even found myself carrying it above my toptube, strapped to the seat tube for support. It includes four straps, but I never needed more than three. It will hold a substantial tool kit or keep your spare tube out of the elements or finally allow you to start carrying those first-aid supplies. The small-sized pack’s short edge is 80 millimeters and its long edge is about 160 millimeters. If you think your frame is even close to fitting one, buy it. You’ll find a use for it.

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