Hunter Cycles are made with care in small batches by someone who actually uses the products he creates, even if it's only when he's satisfied demand long enough to squeeze in a ride. The Shred hip pack, which bears the Hunter name, is no different. Crafted in Calgary, Alberta, by bikepacking bag pioneers, Porcelain Rocket, the Shred is made by the passionate, for the passionate.

In keeping with the bikepacker's taste for minimalism, it features just one zipper, one compartment and no extra padding, ventilation or structure. Aside from a single horizontal divider and a key clip, it was up to me to keep my contents from shifting during flight. And with no buffer between my cargo and my back, it took some deliberate loading to smooth out the lumps. The pack's wide-but-shallow shape limited the room my gear had to bounce as long as the space was mostly full.

The width helped the pack itself stay put as well. It kept the load distributed from hip to hip, and its thin profile hugged my back. The occasional bunny hop would unweight it enough to bounce up for a moment, but unlike me, it always landed right where it was supposed to.

Its shallow depth made it remarkably easy to find what I needed, despite the bag's open floor plan. One of the best reasons to wear a hip pack is the ability to quickly swing it in front of you, find what you need and swing it back. The Shred's configuration is perfect for brief in-and-outs, and the thick waterproof zipper feels like it's ready for years of use. The rest of the pack is just as durable. All of the seams are generously reinforced, and the no-frills design means less to tear and less to weigh you down. Like Hunter's frames, the Shred is simple and timeless. It's not out to reinvent the wheel, just to refine it.

MSRP: $75


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