We’ve heard this story before. An underdog brand shows up to overthrow the reigning status quo of mountain bike fashion. Zoic and Swobo tried in the nineties. Sombrio and Club Ride mounted pockets of resistance this millennium. And after seeing the direction Maloja’s (muh-LOY-uh) 2018 spring lineup will be taking us, I’m hoping our clothes will be making a regime change.


The Joel men’s short combines the multi-panel, multi-material construction you’d see in a high-tech trail short with the shape and style you’d see on more casual pieces. The elastic adjustment straps are wide and firm, offering a fit that’s more out of a tailor shop than a basketball court. The Titus men’s jacket offers a wind-breaking front panel to keep you warm at high speeds, and the stretch material making up the rest of the jacket has the soft comfort of a lightweight fall hoodie than a piece of technical apparel.

The Gion short is Maloja’s minimalist, lightweight offering, though it packs a pair of traditional, non-zippered front pockets. The printed option that caught our eye has the look and feel of a boardshort, but is cut and designed for riding. The Flisch jersey uses a generously perforated material similar to modern DH-style tops. The 3/4-length sleve jersey has a fit slightly tighter than other moto-inspired options, but slightly looser than most that are purely trail-oriented.

Not every Maloja piece is out to break the mold. The Lagalb short-sleeve jersey has a traditional trail fit with a 1/4 zipper up front. There’s also traditional jersey pockets out back if you plan to pack light while wearing this lightweight shirt.


The Libella jersey is deceptively simple. There are no zippers, no vent panels, but it’s got a carefully crafted cut for a better fit on the back and onccccx the sleeves when in a riding position. And its subtly whimsical print embodies Maloja’s approach to style. The Neisa short is about as subtle as they get. With just a couple small front pockets, no vents, and no external waist adjustments, they’re also rather subtle themselves.

The 2018 Ninove short is similar to most multi-pocketed riding shorts on the market today, but their casual cut and muted colors make these stand out as Maloja originals. They pair well with the new Lundsaym up top. Performance plaid is nearly commonplace in men’s riding apparel these days, and Maloja takes that trend to the ladies’ side in a way we’re not used to. There aren’t many options this fashionable and this functional from any brand.



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