Say good riddance to your clipless pedals and odd-looking shoes. Giro has a new line of flat-pedal kicks ready to kick you into gear and keep you from falling over while stopped.

For the 2018 line, Giro worked with Kurt Sorge, Carson Storch and Graham Agassiz  to develop three new shoes. As I understand it, that means when you put these shoes on, you will ride as well as they do.

The Riddance is also available in a women’s specific option.

First up are the Riddance and Riddance Mid. Both models come with a Vibram’s brand new rubber compound, termed ‘Megagrip.’ That name is self explanatory enough. Vibram’s latest and greatest is attached to an EVA midsole designed to reduce vibration as you channel your inner Agassiz and straight line down chunder. And since you’ll be riding fast, the toe and heel are both reinforced with rubber.

If all of that sounds great but you also want extra ankle support, you are in luck. The Riddance Mid comes up around your ankle and features a power strap to make sure everything is safe and secured.

The Riddance Mid.

Maybe you are more interested in style and owning a shoe that is comfortable everywhere all the time. The Jacket II (featured image) forgoes the Megagrip sole in place of Vibram’s Ecostep technology. The different sole is paired with a stylish shoe that is as comfortable on the dirt jumps as it is in the bar.

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