The DBX 6.0 will be available for $90.
The DBX 6.0 will be available for $90.

Leatt Updates Line For 2018

New pads, helmets, hydration packs and more coming from Leatt for 2018.

Protection specialist Leatt continues to innovate for 2018 with a slew of updates and new products.

DBX 5.0 Helmet

The DBX 5.0 will sell for $370.

Leatt has long had their own solution for rotational impacts. Their 360 turbine system relies on flexible rubber pods to stretch in a shearing motion in angular impacts, they claim in a better way than the industry standard MIPS systems do. They're also made of an impact-dissipating material that also helps with straight-on impacts as well.

Like all of Leatt's full-face helmets, the new DPX 5.0 Composite use multi-density foam, molded together in a repeating three-dimensional v-shaped pattern throughout the shell. The Turbine material handles rotational and initial impacts, the softer foam handles moderate impacts, and the traditional foam handles the big hits. The outside shell of the DBX is 10 percent smaller than its predecessor which cuts down on rotational impacts and happens to cut down on some of that full-face jiggle.

DBX 2.0 Helmet

Available in multiple colors, the DBX 2.0 will retails at $100.

Protection-obsessed Leatt packed a lot of safety into their lightweight trail helmet, the DBX2.0. The helmet still uses their 360 Turbine inserts, as well as a breakaway visor. The vents are wide and numerous with generous channels to allow better airflow in-between. The retention system is gently padded and the liner is removable and washable. The DBX 2.0 packs a lot of protection and comfort into a lightweight package.

3.5 Neck Brace

The DBX 3.5 will be available for $250.

For those looking to go big but not drop too much money, Leatt’s new entry-level neck brace is there to back you up. The adjustable chassis is developed to be semi-rigid, allowing the material to absorb more of the impact and transfer less to your body. On the back end is a removable thoracic strut to protect the upper back. Adjustable and flexible, the strut is designed to move with the body and, if needed, snap off on impact before applying too much pressure to the back. The brace also sits away from the collarbone, moving impacts away from one of the more fragile bones in the body. Designed to be used in conjunction with full face helmets, the brace directs crash forces from the helmet into the brace as opposed to the neck.

Fusion 2.0 Junior Vest

Leatt’s child-sized chest protector goes for $230

Ferda kids! The Fusion 2.0 Junior Vest integrates shoulder, chest, and neck protection into a child-sized package. The new design features emergency quick-release function, a collarbone-relief cut-out, and a newer, lighter-weight structure.

3DF Airfit Body Protector

The updated 3DF Airfit Body Protector goes for $250

The 3DF Airfit is Leatt’s flagship upper body suit. Its panels use sandwiched layers of their 3DF foam for extra protection and better mobility. The material form-fits to the curve of your body, and will harden under impacts, but stay soft and pliable otherwise. It is, of course, neck-brace-compatible, but there’s also an extra upper chest protector for those who don’t wear neck braces. Once you’ve adjusted the straps to your liking, it’s zip-in, zip-out, and is hand-washable.

6.0 Knee Guard

The DBX 6.0 will be available for $90.

Pulling from its background in body armor, Leatt has developed a new sock-style knee guard that combines both hard shell and soft shell technology. Closest to the skin, the front of the 6.0 Knee Guard features a molded soft guard that will move with the knee. Attached on top of the soft guard are two hard shell guards strategically placed to allow knee articulation while also giving extra protection to the front and top of the joint. If you happen to be the type of rider who bangs the inside of their knees into the stem more often than banging the front of your knee on anything else, Leatt has you covered as well. Surrounding the protection in the front are pockets of 3DF AirFit foam – the type of foam that hardens on impact – placed above and on both sides of the knee. All of this combined with the vented neoprene sock makes for secure and comfortable knee protection.

DBX XL 2.0

The DBX XL 2.0 will be available for $200.

Expanding their hydration line as well, Leatt has developed an all day epic bag with two liters of hydration space and a whopping 25 liters of cargo space. Not just one big bag, the DBX XL 2.0 has a dedicated goggle, tool and waterproof phone pocket, along with an integrated helmet carry for both full-face helmets with a neck brace, or half-frame helmets. At the front of the pack, the harness system is lightweight and breathable, while keeping the weight low and close to the body. The pack also comes with a high visibility rain cover and routing for the hydration tube on both left and right sides, under the shoulder or over.

Core 2.0

The Core 2.0 will be selling for $80.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, the Core 2.0 is a low profile waist belt featuring two liters of hydration and five liters of cargo. Keeping with their dedicated pockets, Leatt has squeezed in a tool compartment next to the hydration pocket and place pockets on both sides of the waist belt.

DBX 1.0 Jacket $100

At $100 the DBX 1.0 is affordable and functional.

Leatt's new price-point jacket has the feel and fit of something much higher end. The drawstring-closable hood leaves room for a helmet, and the upper zipper closure is padded. It's got a form-fitting tailored shape and reflective printing on its hood. It tucks into its own chest pocket for easy, compact stowage.

DBX 2.0 Jersey and 3.0 Short

The Jersey will retail for $40 with the shorts going for $70.

The DBX 2.0 Shorts and Jersey have the cotton-like feel of an American Apparel t-shirt. It's got a side pocket and a hidden glasses and goggle wipe. The collar lays flat, and is comfortable to wear under a neck brace. The matching shorts have a 4-way stretch that feels just as supple. There's a one-side zipper pocket and breathable stretch panel across the back. The retention straps on the side are wider and the elastic is stiffer than most this style. Both in sizes XS – XXL

DBX 1.0 GripR Gloves

Leatt’s lightest glove will retail for $26.

The light-weight DBX 1.0 GripR gloves are Leatt's super-slim lightweight glove, but with some added silicone grip across the palm. They feature a lens/sweat wiper and touch-screen compatibility. The glove itself is built around a curved fit for better bar feel.


DBX 3.0 Lite Gloves

The mid-level protective 3.0 Lite glove goes for $40

The DPX 3.o Lite combines an ultra-thin, supple shell with high-tech knuckle and finger protection. They offer deep coverage for much of the wrist and a lightweight, breathable material across the back of the hand. And a sweat wiper and touch-screen compatibility is standard equipment

This is just a taste of what Leatt introduced this year. These and all of their other new goodies are available at