The Speedcraft glass has been the high-tech throwback from 100%, and the new Speedtrap is its evolutionary offspring. The full-frame glass still features a replaceable lens, and each colorway will include a clear option. Simply unclip them at the bridge of the nose, and the one-piece frame flexes to release the one-piece lens. The new spherical shape offers the same optics 100% is known for and that are found on the lens in the Speedcraft, which will still be available. The Speedtrap features telescoping arms to fit your head size and preference, as well as nose pad inserts to adjust fit and fine-tune how far the glasses sit from your face. Wearing the Speedtraps is like putting on a pair of goggles, the frame is nearly invisible, putting your eyeballs in a clear, protective cocoon they won't even know is there.

The Hydromatic jacket goes beyond just being waterproof. The 10k/10k weave stays breathable while keeping you dry. All the seams are taped, and all zippers are waterproof, including the pockets. And the tail of the jacket drops for even more coverage. The Hydromatic's form-fitting cut is a welcomed evolution from the parachute waterproof jackets you still see sometimes. The tailored cut pairs well with its generous 4-way stretch material, keeping you as comfortable as you can be when riding in the rain.

The Hydromoatic shorts pack the same water-shedding features as the jacket. They'll keep the contents of your pockets as dry as they will your chamois. But you wouldn't know it just by holding them. The Hydromatic shorts don't have the stiff, rubbery feel of all-weather shorts of old. So they don't need to be just foul-weather attire. Anyone with wet or potentially wet trails would benefit from having something like these guys.

The Celium jersey has been one of our favorites this year, or the Airmatic in their women's lineup. You can tell that there's a female lead designer behind the apparel at 100%. You wouldn't think that a brand so heavily invested in motocross would nail fit and function so well among us hard-to-please cyclists. The Celium and Airmatic jerseys feature flat-stitched seams, a drop tail design for extra coverage, a built-in sunglass wipe and laser-cut ventilation across the back pane for the Celium.

The Ridecamp is a simple, supple, thin trail glove, designed with comfort and coolness in mind. The tech-thread in its thumb and forefinger let you interact with your phone or smart watch. And speaking of watches, the wrist closure got an update this year. Instead of a deeper elastic cuff, the new Ridecamp uses a hook-and-loop (generic speak for Velcro) closure around a cuff that has a built-in indentation designed to give room for a training watch.


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