Adam Craig’s Prototype Giant Trance X 29er

Photos, videos and (some) details of Adam Craig's Trance X 29er.

Adam Craig defended his U.S. National Super D title yet again in Sun Valley, Idaho. This year he piloted a prototype Giant Trance X 29er to victory.

Bike magazine caught up with Craig after the race to talk about his new ride. That said, Giant, and hence Craig, is staying pretty quiet about the Trance X 29er. Here are the few details Craig was able (allowed) to give us:

It wasn’t much information, but seems that Craig is pretty happy with the way the bike rides. It’s also safe to say that the bike’s wheelbase, or at least chainstays, has been shortened, and its head angle slackened (we are assuming Craig was comparing it to the Anthem X 29er).

Giant Bicycles’ prototype Trance X 29. Craig was hoping the company would call it the ‘Totally Awesome’, which Giant has the naming rights to, but it’s looking like they will be sticking to the established Trance X namesake.

Giant fitted its Maestro linkage to the 29er trail bike.

The prototype uses a standard QR to hold the rear wheel. We’re interested to see which dropout the production version will use.

The frame was sporting clean-looking internal cable routing.