Acros A-GE: Fully-Hydraulic Shifters and Derailleurs

Lightweight, brow-raising, expensive.

Words: Ryan LaBar
Photos: Anthony Smith and Ryan LaBar
Video: Ryan LaBar

Acros showed up to this year’s Sea Otter with quite the shocker–a fully hydraulic shifter and derailleur system dubbed A-GE. The A-GE kit comes in about 175-grams lighter than Shimano’s XTR system. It’s not cheap though–the full kit will run you somewhere about $2,000.

Acros’ A-GE hydraulic shifters and derailleurs.

No carbon or plastic bits here. The A-GE parts are machined and machined some more for minimum weight.

The shift clamp is low profile for maximum handlebar compatibility and minimum wight. It will also be available with SRAM’s MatchMaker system.

The shift indexing is in the derailleurs, which helps prevent problems caused by heat-induced expanding or contracting of the fluid. This also allows a rider to manually shift the bike into a gear if he or she manages to break a hose.

All the bleeding is done at the shift lever. Pump mineral oil with a syringe into one port and and bleed it out the other port.

Video run-though with the engineer behind A-GE: