Tested: Specialized Mechanic’s Wrench Set

Tested: Specialized Mechanic's Wrench Set || $30

By Vernon Felton

Allen wrenches are not sexy. I repeat: not sexy. But you knew this already. I, however, have never accepted this obvious bit of wisdom. Allen wrenches (or "hex wrenches", if that's how you roll) inhabit a special warm place in my heart—right alongside deluxe box cutters and Makita impact drivers. Other people obsess over watches or jewelry or shoes—I geek out on tools. And there is no tool that I use more than allen wrenches. At any given time, you'll find a set like this occupying real estate in my pocket. And, yes, they take up most of my pocket and make it impossible for me to effectively run the 100-yard dash. I don't care. Without a full set of allen wrenches within arms reach, I feel naked—not the sexy kind of naked…more like the naked-in-front-of-your-mother-in-law kind of naked.

Which leads me to these wrenches here: Specialized Mechanic Wrench Set sports 1.5/2/2.5/3/4/5/6 and 8-millimeter ball-end Allen keys. Need some extra leverage for those pedals that you apparently man-handled into your crankarms? You're good to go. Need to remove that hydraulic line guide on your fork—the one with the ridiculously tiny bolt? It's handled.


And then there are all those occasions when you hit the trail and remember—Dammit, someone at SRAM had a lot of drinks with someone at Magura and they agreed to squeeze a torx bolt every possible place on their products. Sweet…I guess. Fortunately, this set also houses T25 and T30 torx wrenches. In other words, you can dissemble about 70 percent of your bike with what you're looking at here. That's kind of rad. Is this wrench set light? No. Is it cute and small and easy to squeeze into your jersey pocket. No, no and no.

And I don't care.

I don't like futzing with big, clumsy multi-tools. I'd rather have the right tool for the job. These are the right tools. They fit in my hydration pack. If I was sweating the extra weight, I'd go vegan or something.

So, there. Good, solid tools. You can never have enough of them.