I despise T-handle wrenches. Let’s just get that out there. Unlike our resident grouch, Ryan Palmer, I’ll take a good three-way (wrench!) any day, but T-handles are on a permanent ban from my workbench—they end up getting in the way (or in the spokes) and putting excessive torque on a ball-end is just asking for a stripped bolt. Despite my antagonistic relationship with letter-shaped tools, I’ve found myself using the Fix It Sticks Ratcheting T-Way quite often. Heck, it might even get its own foam cutout in the top drawer of the workbench soon. 

Fix It Sticks is one of those small companies that comes up with “duh, why didn’t I think of that?” tool ideas. First, it was the original modular “sticks” that are, in my opinion, the most useful multi-tool out there. I’ve carried a set in my pocket since 2015. Now they’ve come up with the Ratcheting T-Way, which isn’t an especially new idea in the tool world, but it’s unique enough in its execution to make it noteworthy. 

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