The Thru-Tool is not your every-day trail tool. In fact, unless you’re a very unlucky rider, you will probably only ever need to use this tool once or twice. Does that justify the nearly $40 price tag? Well, how much would you spend to avoid taking the long walk of shame back to the trailhead? The Thru-Tool, a brand-specific tool (Chromag, Trek or Devinci), is a little CND’d bit that allows you to remove a broken derailleur hanger in the field. Usually, at least for many hangers of the aforementioned brands, you need a large (around 20 millimeters) wrench or socket to unfasten the hanger. In the shop, no big deal. On the trail? Good luck with that—even if you have a new hanger on hand, you probably won’t be able to use it. The Thru-Tool has a milled “socket” with a guide to keep things from slipping. But the real genius is the threaded port that allows you to use your thru axel as a lever to break the hanger loose. On top of the size of the nut itself, each bit is meant to work with the specific thread pitch each brand uses on its rear thru-axle. Pinner Machine Shop, located in Whistler, British Columbia, makes the tools in-house out of 7075 aluminum alloy. Plus, they’re anodized purple, so you know they’re pretty radical.

The Thru-Tool comes in 20-, 21- or 23-millimeter sizes that fit Chromag, Divinci Split Pivot, Trek ABS frames or Trek Stranglehold dropouts. Feel like you might need one in your hip pack? Check them out at

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