While the Dynaplug Air tubeless repair system isn’t the most recent of innovations featured on Fresh Produce, it certainly still deserves the colloquial ‘fresh’ title. In fact, in the world of tubeless repair and plug, Dynaplug is just about the freshest out there—their plugs are a surefire way to seal holes and tears, big or small. But Dynaplug didn’t stop with just the plug, they wanted to get your tire back into play at the same time. Their Air kit features a tubeless repair/plug tool mated to a C02 inflator—one of those “why didn’t I think of that?” ideas, right? Well, Dynaplug did think of it, and they made it work to boot. The kit comes with four plugs and the option to run either Dynaplug’s Megaplugs (if you’re expecting trouble) or the sharp nose, standard plugs (for less troublesome air retention situations). Either way, it’s a great method for getting back on your tires as soon as possible, but if you’ve got a hole you’re not 100 percent sure you can fix with one plug, you can fix first and inflate later. The Dynaplug Air also comes with a hose so you can use it as a stand-alone inflator once you’re convinced you’ve stopped the bleeding. To do that, you can use the plugs on their own without activating the C02 inflator. As we found in our tire plug Versus from a couple years back, sometimes it takes more than one to get it done. We’ve already lost count of how many ways you can use this thing.

The made-in-America system isn’t cheap though, retailing for $75. At least you get to choose between four anodized colors. Check them out at dynaplug.com.

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