Deity Turq Cockpit – $22 – $85

One of our favorite brand-signature colors is Yeti’s turquoise. One of our favorite brands is Deity. One of our favorite collaborations is the Yeti Turq collection from Deity. Duh. They’ve clothed both their Blacklabel 800 and Skyline 787 bars in the distinctive trade-dress to match your boutique build. And to match those bars, how about a pair of Waypoint or Knuckle Duster grips? While you’re covering your touchpoints, have a seat on a coordinated Speedtrap saddle. Cuffs/collars: matched.

Microshift XLE 11-46 drivetrain – $170 (cass./der./shifter)

The trickle-down of drivetrain technology is quickly turning into a steady stream. At the same time, that stream is finally widening beyond its two main tributaries of Sram and Shimano. Box and SunRace have muscled their way onto the scene, but the purely budget-oriented Microshift has been understandably slow to arrive. The China-based brand has no illusions about where its strengths are. Their place is not in the high-end, it’s in the entry level, as in the newly updated XLE 11-46 11-speed drivetrain. The derailleur’s clutch is noticeably more firm than SRAM or Shimano’s, and is easily rebuildable if there’s ever an issue. Prices aren’t finalized yet, but you’ll likely be seeing the $60-ish cassette, $90-ish derailleur and $20-ish shifter updating outdated drivetrains and being spec’d on gateway bikes soon.

Goodyear Escape 2.6-inch Tires – $70 – $80

When we first were introduced to Goodyear’s tire lineup just a few weeks ago, we saw how extensive its range of options was. Nevertheless, there were a few configurations we thought were missing. One was a 2.6-inch Escape tire. Well, it’s no longer missing. We found one, of all places, in Goodyear’s booth at Sea Otter. The more aggressive Newton and Newton ST went that wide at launch, but we’re glad to see the more moderate Escape wasn’t far behind.

Sun Ringle Duroc and Duroc SD Rims and Wheels – $130 (Rim), $550 (Wheelset)

Sun is going deep with its shallow rims. The Duroc 30, 35, 40, and 50 rims get their names by their outer width, each with an inner width of 27, 32, 36, and 46 millimeters. The new Duroc SD lineup adds some strength, but just where it counts. The spokebed is thickened up across the lineup, and the rim’s made with a bead hook, rather than hookless. The hooked Duroc SD rims aren’t designed for better tire retention, but instead to provide a more blunt edge to dissipate the impact of a pinch flat. This means not only will your rim hold up better, but it’ll go easier on your tire as well. The entire Duroc lineup has a low profile, playing to the trail-sensitive strengths of an alloy rim.