We’re all pretty familiar with our pre-ride checklist, but it gets a little longer and more complicated when you’re traveling to an event. And when you’re attending the event, the stuff you bring can make or break your trip. Here are some Crankworx travel essentials we were glad we had these past 10 days.

Hiplok Z-Lok | $20 / Pair

This is Crankworx. We’re among friends. Your bike will be fine for the 30 seconds it will take to get a lift ticket or an outdoor table at the Longhorn… right? Probably. But it’s not worth the risk. And of course, you’re not going to carry a u-lock on your runs. I don’t even like carrying a pack. But this year, I carried a Hiplok Z-lok comfortably in my front pocket. It’s much more than the oversized zip tie it looks like. First, it is of course re-usable. The kit comes with a key (though not a unique one) to open it. And the ratchet system grabs both sides of the plastic surface. I needed a breaker bar 3 feet long to tear the plastic, and getting the positioning right wasn’t easy. The quicker way to break a Zip-Lok would be to cut it, but it’s built around a steel core. I was able to get through it with a tight squeeze on some substantial wire-cutters. But the Z-lok is to stop the opportunistic thieves who are nabbing bikes that aren’t tied down. It’s an easy way to gain some peace of mind.

Spare Tire | $Cheaper than in Whistler

You’d think this goes without saying, but bring an extra tire or two if you come to Whistler. And not because the rocks are sharp and numerous, although they are. Not because you’ll be plowing into them at ludicrous speeds, although you will. But because everything you can buy in Whistler costs a lot. You might spend as much as $100 Canadian to get on some new tread if you have to buy it in the village.

Trailmapps Whistler App | $9

Trailmapps offers info-packed regional maps along the entire sea-to-sky corridor. And of course, Whistler is the crown jewel. Interacting with the app is more like using a digital version of a paper map and less like using a traditional GPS-enabled mapping app. It has a compass feature to orient you, and will still give you a ‘You Are Here’ marker, but it’s designed to work entirely offline. Cell service is impressively reliable on most Whistler-area trails, but it can be slow when you’re remote and expensive when you’re foreign. Each trail is listed in a database with detailed explanations, and there are several route suggestions if you’re in the mood for a loop. We’re used to our apps being free, so 9 bucks feels like a lot, but there are no ads, and all the updates and expansions are free as long as you own the app.

3M Tegaderm Transparent Film Dressing 4″ x 4.75″ / Box Of 10 | $7

Professional caregivers always have the best equipment, but sometimes it can be hard to get if you’re not in the industry. Anyone who’s ever come home from the hospital with a 3M Tegaderm patch over a wound knows what I mean. Try and find it at your local pharmacy, and you’ll probably go home with some not-so-flexible, not-so-sticky white tape that works fine if you’re sitting still. But what if you’re on the trip of a lifetime and you just want to cover up some forearm road rash without having to re-apply every run? You go on Amazon and order a box of these professional-grade beauties. Once they’re on, they feel like a second skin. They won’t peel or slide as you move or sweat.You’ll have to supply your own non-stick pad to put under them, but those are easy to come by. Cut down what you need, stick it to the Tegaderm, apply to your wound, and you’re ready to shred.