9-16-08 // Shimano Goes Kubuki on XTR


The boys in Japan have been busy with the road bike side of things, recently unveiling an electronic shifting road group. And they've been busy with the new Saint group as well. But mountain biking weight weenies need not despair, as Shimano next year will roll out an aftermarket upgrade kit for XTR. (Yes, you read that right – an upgrade kit to XTR.)

The aftermarket parts will be available sometime next year, and the prices have not yet been released. Weight savings for the whole upgrade kit will add up to as much as a quarter pound over a fully XTR equipped bike. For more go to www.shimano-yumeya.com.

yumeya1yumeya brackets

yumeya cogs yumeya pulleys

yumeya der cage

Also in the pipeline is a burlier version of Shimano's top of the line shoe, the M300 carbon mountain bike shoe. The new M230, with a more rugged sole and the same custom heat-moldable fit that you get with the high end XC race shoe, is one we've been waiting for since we first heard about Shimano's custom-fit shoe program. There are a few hundred authorized Shimano dealers out there already equipped with the training and oven and vacuum unit needed to set up the shoes, and this looks like one of the most promising new shoes in a while.