If I learned anything at Bible camp this year, it’s that Merino wool jerseys are worth the premium they command. Whereas the synthetic jerseys I wore during testing took on an odor if someone so much as whispered the word "sweat," 7mesh's Desperado made no olfactory protests after three or four days of riding in a row.

It's a simple jersey, with no hidden pockets and a Henley-style snap neck. With temperatures reaching into the 90s with swampy humidity, testing this year was often a sweaty affair. Despite this, the Desperado wicked moisture effectively without making me feel like I was wearing a Christmas sweater.

7Mesh Desperado Henley

7Mesh’s Desperado Henley has proven comfortable and durable in pretty much all riding conditions.

In fact, I felt at least as cool in this 47-percent Merino jersey as I did in the numerous synthetic ones that smelled up my laundry bin for two weeks in Northwest Arkansas. The remaining 53 percent of the Desperado is polyester, which gives it some stretch and allows it to fit and move comfortably, without so much as a tickle of itchiness. Polyester also helps hold the garment together.

But I don't usually have issues with Merino jerseys falling apart, and the Desperado is no exception, holding up well to both hiking and riding since I started wearing it last August.

MSRP: $80