12 Days of Christmas: Specialized accessories

They kind of make everything, and none of it sucks

Photo: Van Swae
12 Days - Specialized

There’s a lot of hate floating around about Specialized. We see it every time we review anything from the brand. Most negative remarks on comment boards reference Specialized’s cutthroat business tactics and questionable ethics. Others accuse them of somehow bribing us to write positive reviews, which is just plain wrong. Why do we review so many Specialized products each year? Because they make a ton of stuff aside from bikes, and most of it is best-in-class. They make superb tires, excellent seats, nice mini pumps and tools, well-fitting, durable clothing and nearly every water bottle on the market. If you’re looking to outfit your bike-riding friend or relative with fantastic accessories, these Specialized accessories are a good place to start.

S-Works Phenom | $300
As with any seat, fit is rider-specific, so you’ll want to try before you buy–especially if you’re going to drop $300 bucks on one. The S-Works version sports carbon rails and underbelly, but you’re not into that kind of thing, you can pick one with cr-mo rails for 100 bucks.

Zee Cage II with Tool | $60
The Zee cage allows for side entry, which comes in handy on frames with less bottle real estate. It’s available in right- or left-handed versions and includes a mini tool mounted right below the cage for minor trailside maintenance.

22 Ounce Purist MoFlo Bottle | $10
This BPA-free bottle has a special coating on the inside that won’t make your water taste like plastic or absorb flavors, plus it’s super easy to clean. The MoFlo cap does just what the name suggests, and makes a nice, tight seal when closed.

SWAT Bibs | $88
These suckers have pockets all over them, three on the back and one on each leg, providing enough storage space to bring everything you need with you on a ride, sans pack. Most of our staff use these bibs, and find that they’re best on rides under two hours. Anything over that, we reach for our hydration packs. Do they do the exact same thing as a regular cycling jersey? Yes. But those apparently aren’t cool anymore. Get with the times.

Air Tool MTB Mini Pump | $25
The perfect companion for SWAT bibs is this teeny, tiny pump. It’ll take some time to fill a mountain bike tire with it, but the thing works really well. Specialized makes a larger-volume one for 5 more bucks as well.

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