11-19-07 // SoCal BBQ

Maybe those guys at Park Tool have a better sense of humor than people realize. The brand has a reputation for building no-nonsense tools for blue-collar bike mechanics, but last month, Park sent down some of their latest products--a BBQ spatula and tongs fashioned from pedal wrenches, spanners and even a spoke wrench. The company went so far as to name the spatula the BBQ-1 and the Tongs BBQ-2.

We're not sure if the timing was planned or coincidental, but the BBQ gear showed up right about the same time half of Southern California, where we live and work and ride, was burning. This might have all been a coincidence, but it could also have been a little friendly ribbing from the guys in blue up in Minnesota.

We're just waiting until the temps drop below zero up there before we return the favor and send a few pints of Bike Magazine branded ice cream.