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Four products to bring on your next trip

Flylow Rainbreaker | $140

If you live in Southern California (like me), rain isn’t really a thing. But wind is. And if you live almost anywhere else, rain is something you probably have to deal. Enter the Rainbreaker. It is an ultra-light rain jacket that doubles as an effective wind breaker for us southern situated folk. When I say ultra-light I mean it. This jacket will pack down to about the size of a soda and it’ll sit in the bottom of you bag, forgotten until called to action. When called upon, it’ll keep you dry and comfortable. All the seams are taped, the hood is adjustable and it uses a waterproof nylon material—standard equipment for a raincoat. What isn’t standard is the stretch. The Rainbreaker is waterproof and stretchy. It doesn’t stretch much—pulling on it with your hands, it is almost unnoticeable—but spread that minuscule amount of stretch across the back and shoulders, and it makes a difference when moving around on a bike.


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Flylow Cash Short | $90

So you’ve packed your Rainbreaker, but weather is calling for warm temperatures too. Flylow has you covered for that too. The Cash Short is lightweight and soft to the touch, with a little stretch as well. It’s designed to breath well while also using a polyester-spandex mix to ensure trail-side snags don’t result in rips. The inner velcro waist adjustment is low-profile and easy to dial in, there’s a zippered thigh pocket for valuables and a phone-shaped velcro pocket for easy Instagram access. I should note that the phone pocket fits my iPhone 6S perfectly, but anything bigger would be a stretch. Pun noted. So dial up some Wu-Tang and slip into a pair of Cash shorts. Dollar dollar bill y’all.

Cash Short

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Giro Chamber II | $150

The Chamber II isn’t much different than the original Chamber. There is a II in the name, so that’s different, but the shoe is still designed for EWS and DH riders. There are a couple other changes of note though. The cleat position moved back 10 millimeters, placing the pedal a little closer to your arch. Giro says this results in more support and better positioning for technical riding. The internal shank has also been updated to flex where you want flex and hold strong where stiffness is needed. Other than that, the Chamber II is essentially the original Chamber. It’s a skate-style shoe, water resistant, has a reinforced toe box and a velcro strap for a snug fit. Pack these and a pair of sandals, and you’re good to go.

Chamber II

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Evoc Bike Travel Bag XL | $485

Traveling with a bike is a pain. It can be an excruciating, mind-numbing pain, or more of a fleeting, stubbed-toe pain. A solid bike bag tips the scales toward stubbed toe. The Bike Travel Bag XL is Evoc’s answer. First and foremost, it’s big, which is good considering we’re seeing longer reaches and 1,200-millimeter wheelbases these days. The Evoc bag fits fat bikes fine, so it should fit pretty much everything else too. The Travel Bag XL has separate wheel compartments on either side, reducing inner clutter while protecting wheels and rotors from marring or being marred by a frame. Reinforced sides, a special protector for the fork and plenty of straps make sure everything is secure. Evoc’s Bike Travel Bag XL isn’t cheap, but will definitely make traveling a lot easier.

Bike Travel Bag XL

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